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Mission & Pledge


PERSONALIZATION: Each child receives personalized learning and is put at the center of learning. We provide an education that is tailored to students learning and motivational needs. We build relationships between teachers, students, the home, and school community.
ANALYSIS: We construct instructional focus and set goals for lessons based on data. Every student possesses a concept of the standard (goal) being aimed for & is aware of their current level. We use data as a tool for improving teaching and learning which is closing instructional gaps and/or extending learning. We use feedback as the key element of assessment for learning.
TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY SKILLS: We commit to creating student-centered problem-solving classrooms & to foster confidence and students growth mindset as 21st century learners. We develop the skills (collaboration, critical thinkers, creativity, & communication) needed to succeed in college, career, and life.
HEART: We lead with heart to build a community of learners with compassion, trust, empathy, understanding, forgiveness, self-reflection and love of life and learning.


We understand the importance of the school experience for every student and our role as role models and school professionals.Therefore, we agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of our abilities:
  • Come to work every day and on time.
  • Teach and promote higher student achievement and academic rigor based on the State’s grade level Common Core Standards.
  • Provide students with prerequisite skills and concepts needed to complete home work and class work.
  • Address the social, emotional needs of our students.
  • Provide periodically oral/written communication to inform parents of student progress and behavior.
  • Send home a mid-term progress report to parents, so parent are aware of how their child is performing in class before the reporting period ends.
  • Be flexible and available to communicate frequently with parents and welcome them as partners in their child’s education.
  • Work with parents and school community to make school accessible and welcoming by providing ongoing opportunities for parents to volunteer, observe, and participate in classroom activities whenever possible.